Made For Ministry

Collegiate Ministries

College is a formative time in life and we believe collegiate ministries provide a pivotal place for young adults to meet Christ, grow in faith, and discover their God-given calling. Radiate Ministry provides tools for campus ministers and student leaders to connect with their campuses and make fund raising and parent/alumni relationships even easier.

Community Ministries

Radiate Ministry was intentionally designed as a flexible platform to fill the widest amount of needs. However you're called to serve your community, Radiate Ministry has tools that help you stay connected and build relationships.

Our unlimited support ensures your ministry will remain effective online.  If you ever have a vision but are unsure how to bring it to light, our experts will be happy to help you find a solution.

Kids Ministries

Maintaining relationships with parents can be tough, but Radiate Ministry's tools make it easy to communicate, coordinate volunteers, and share important documents, like permission forms and waivers. Plus, our kid-friendly themes provide a fun and warm environment online for parents and kids, alike.

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